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There is only one ticket at the Berlin Swing Revolution and it includes:

  • leveled workshops
  • 3 parties
  • access to competitions

  • Prices go up 10 Euros every 40 tickets.

  • Advanced dancers get a 30% discount on the starting price
  • All-Star dancers get a 100% discount on the starting price

You can add your competitions and additional tickets afterwards.

  • All-Star & Advanced passes: Division at the time of purchase counts.

  • If you have won a Free Pass, please put the event(or if you have the voucher code) into the comment field. Free passes underlie the same restrictions as all tickets (availability & role balance).

  • If you register with a specific partner, please put the name in the comment field. We can not accept adding a partner to your registration after the fact.

Need more than 10 tickets? Contact us for group discounts.

Thank you and see you in Berlin in December!

Online registration is closed!

you can still join us and buy tickets at the door

Full Pass 200 €
International Pass 150 €
Junior Pass 90 €
Advanced Pass 150 €
Allstar Pass 60 €


We are offering a special 2h Bootcamp on Saturday evening. For 25€ you get 2 hours of West Coast Swing basics and access to the party, so you can watch the Jack & Jill finals and try out what you just learned. The classes will be held in German and English!

Just come by at 6PM and get your ticket at the check-in desk.

Day and Party Tickets

(available only at the door, limitations may apply, only when not sold out!)

We offer you the opportunity to join the event for a single day or just for the parties. Full day tickets allow you to participate in competitions, party access does not!

  Full Day   Party access
Thursday - 5 €
Friday 90 € 25 €
Saturday 90 € 25 €
Sunday 90 € 15 €

Spectator Pass: 10 € (allows to watch the Jack & Jill prelims on Saturday Afternoon)