The Berlin Swing Revolution's main focus is having a good time dancing with dancers from the whole world. To achieve that, we keep the time for competitions at a minimum. That means we only have Jack & Jills - WSDC approved divisions and a fun one. More dance time for everyone!

Jack & Jill (WSDC) (20.00€ per competitor)

Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All-Stars

Revolutionary Jack & Jill

additionally we will have an Revolutionary Jack & Jill - some invited dancers will join our teaching staff in a self-judged Jack & Jill.

Switch (15.00€ per competitor)

No roles, just dancing. Judged by how good you lead, follow and switch between both.

History Jack & Jill (5.00€ per competitor)

A special "All-people" Jack & Jill competition, unique to the Berlin Swing Revolution. We bring back the "classic" Jack & Jill rules:

  • randomized partners per round instead of per dance
  • you get into the next round with your partner - Teamwork wins!

and to spice it up a little: every dance you get will go back a decade in West Coast Swing music.