West Coast Swing


This year, we offer you 3 levels and we use your competition levels as a basis. But let's be honest to ourselves: we all kinds start from scratch again. So no auditions, just all of us learning to walk again.

  • Level 3: you compete in novice or below, or you don't compete.
  • Level 4: you compete in intermediate. (16 novice points are enough)
  • Level 5: you compete in advanced or all-star. (30 intermediate points are enough)
  • All-level workshops are open for everyone.

Why do we start with level 3? Because we are still using our levels from before and just dropped the levels 1 and 2 for this year.

Special Workshop: West Coast Swing Time Machine

On Friday before the party, we offer an extra workshop to learn about the history of West Coast Swing (hands on, you will be dancing like back in the days!). Perfect preparation for our History Jack & Jill later that night.


We only have extra room for private lessons before and after the workshop times. If you are interested in a private lesson with any of the pros at the event, please contact them directly to reserve a time.